Boyd Scheer

Boyd Scheer

Boyd scheer

As a boy, Scheer fell in love with Vincent van Gogh and knew he wanted to be a painter. He trained for 13 years in his youth by Wassily Sommer, Russian-born modernist landscape and portrait artist who moved to Anchorage, Alaska, becoming a US citizen. His style was impressionistic, but changed with the times towards a more sparing abstract.  Sommer was, in turned, trained by Oskar Kokoshka, known for his intense expressionism.

As a young man, Scheer studied the works of George Gurdjieff, and his understudy, J. G. Bennett, in search of  a higher state of consciousness. This thread led inexorably to Beshara and the Gift of Compassion held forth in the works of Ibn Arabi and the “Brides of Absoluteness.”  

“Her Hair (spun with galaxies)”
“Easter 2019”
Ryan Runcie

Ryan Runcie

Ryan runcie

Being born to Jamaican parents in small-town Texas, Runcie is studio artist, muralist and painting instructor local in Austin, Texas. He feels “fortunate to have the confusing experience of growing up as a biracial, first-generation American man…I was able to, in my youthful ignorance, test and blur lines that I didn’t know existed.” His art is a tenuous and experimental engagement in blurring these lines on a public scale; allowing the loose expression of color to side step the mind’s need to categorize and understand in accordance with race, ethnicity, and stereotypes.

Jasmine’s Purpose
Mural inside Victory Grill, Austin, TX
Veronica Castillo

Veronica Castillo

Veronica Castillo

Veronica Castillo is a ceramic artist who crafts exquisitely detailed, brightly colored folk art objects using centuries-old methods and symbols. She is a member of the honored Castillo Orta folk art family of Izucar de Matamoros in Puebla, Mexico, renowned for its tree of life candelabras.

Politically aware and active, she incorporates many current social issues into her tree of life sculptures. In 2013, she was awarded the prestigious NEA National Heritage Fellowship for her extraordinary work. Veronica Castillo has taught over 200 women of the Casita de Mujer Artes Cooperative in San Antonio, Texas, to shape clay by hand since 1994.  – Crafts in America

Arcadio Boyer

Arcadio Boyer

Arcadio boyer

Arcadio Boyer, born in Máncora, Peru (1945), now living in Lima, is one of the best known painters of Peru.  Boyer shapes with brush-strokes, spatula and a wide range rich in colors and texture, to express the way to see characters, landscapes, objects and situations on canvas, in a contemporary way that expresses its particular vision.  His work is in museums and private collections in Chile, Bolivia, Italia, Suiza, Holanda, Francia, España, the United States, Puerto Rico, and more. 

Pecan Street Festival’s executive producer Luis Zapata owns an original Boyer, which can be seen in Austin’s “weird home” tour and book
Instrumentos Coloridos
Four Vases

Brian Joseph

Brian Joseph

brian joseph

MASTER CLASS, 2-3pm, Sunday:

Self-taught artist, poet, author and motivational speaker, Brian created his own style based on the fictitious Bydee People, and thus he is called the Bydeeman. Bydee is an acronym that means Bringing You Delightful Entertaining Experiences. His paintings are as colorful as they are happy. His art focuses on education, promotes diversity and positivity in general. He is an artist, poet and a motivational speaker. His paintings and murals adorn the walls of many schools, homes and businesses in Austin, and around the country. He has a BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tougaloo College and a MA in Urban Studies from Trinity University.

Brian is a board member of the Pecan Street Association.

Brian can be contacted at 512-507-7877 or

Mural at Cunningham Elementary, Austin ISD