Pecan Map

Fall 2018 Vendors

Vendors Business Category Booths**
Paula Burck Gruene Witch Apothecary LLC Body Care / Soap 193
Christopher Brown Hemp360 Body Care / Soap 152
Anne Oitzinger Arboretum Skincare Body Care / Soap 8
Raechel Alexander Twenty 8 North Body Care / Soap 159
Elly Fleegal Fleegal Farms Soap Body Care / Soap 39&40
Randy Keeshin Body Care / Soap 198
Julia Kahlig-Garuba Herb & Root Body Care / Soap 97
Mazzi Peled Latika Body Essentials Body Care / Soap 119
Irina Kadukova AustinShrooms Ceramics 87
Tony Holman Holman Pottery Ceramics 94
Laura Ramon Scentsy Fragrance Ceramics 190-191
Hector Kriete Ceramics 177
Leslie Lowdermilk Ceramics 182
Ross De La Garza Primordial Persuasions Ceramics 27
Ashley Crumley Ceramics 239
niran Manandhar Lokazu Clothing 234-235
Iskay Shoes Clothing 240
Joni Shinholt LuLaRoe By Joni Shinholt Clothing 282-283
Tichafa Mphande Clothing 222
Napalai Thongplee The Blue Gecko Clothing 211-212
Linda Bryant The Tie Dye Shop Clothing 209
Charles Copp Love From Austin Clothing 173-174
Jill Foxworth Finch & Fox Clothing 258
Sarah Karbach Fuzion Jewelry and Gifts Clothing 243
Lisa Klaus Two Tarts Toppers Clothing 208
muhammad ashraf ashwear international Clothing 245-246
Lisa Cooper GoGo Whiskey Boutiue Clothing 185
Erin Greer Owleyes Clothing 78
Christian Lamberson Mr. Bo Jandals Clothing 227-228
Laly Ramirez Wayuu Laly Boutique Clothing 273
Mike Pacheco Penny Luck Clothing 266
Melanie Glidewell Clothing 229-230
Bonnie Dillon Clothing 276-277
Neil Honeck Bunky Design Co Clothing 259
Vanessa Sais Mindzai Creative Clothing 155
Sheila Teston Craft 220-221
Carlo Guadagno KlapnKlip Home and Body Craft 114
Barbara Pate Merci Handmade Vintage Craft 3.5
CJ Cumberland Craft 218-219
Michael Syphrit Crushable Hats Inc Craft 111
Danny Buchbaum Craft 57
Mary Mosegard Zion Serving Stones Craft 257
Anul Shrestha Bajra Craft 265
Shannon Morgan My Maria Victoria Craft 251
Lindsey Bernardy Craft 261
Maribeth Ford Craft 192
Elena Butler Craft 269
Sean Green Accents West Craft 3
Andre Roberts Exaggerated View Caricature Co. Craft 118
David Donovan Donovan Leather Craft 248
Aaron Senkbeil Barking Bad Bakery Doggy Related 154
Sally Pryor Pryor Doggy Related 56
Ben Gasca Dog Collar World Doggy Related 61-62
Desiree Chamorro K9 Cafe Boutique & Spa Doggy Related 224 & 225
Shelly Pfeifer Sit Means Sit Dog Training Doggy Related 272 & 283
Brittanie Varena Fabulous paws Doggy Related 166
Toni McAdams Texas Family Jerky Food 81
Konrad Bouffard Round Rock Honey Company Food 80
Michael Rizzitello Food F11
Brandon Closner Food F23&F25
Nicole Deninger “Tough Love Nutrition LLC Food 36
Steven Wiggins Stay Cool Food 181
Michael Wilson Food F16
Victor Murrieta Vic’s BBQ Food F20
Inna Giterman Food F15
Wilma Stirl Lonesome Prairie Nuts Food F7
Rana Reddy N2 Cream co Food F24
Micki Matocha Pop It Like It’s Hot Kettle Corn Co. Food F18
Nicklas Edelen Hill Country Kettle Korn Food F12
patricia bedford Suga’s Cakery Food 141
Mike Nguyen Miber Grill Food F1
Lisa Brown County Fair Catering Food F21
Jimmy Hoang Swerl Rolled Ice Cream Food F8
Linda Chan Linda chan’s Concession Food F17
Cassidy Glasscock Pop’s Concessions Food F10
Juan Pacheco Pacheco’s Candies Food 247
Michael Seyfried Seyfried Food F6
Robert Sutton Statesman Beverage Co Food 130
Gregg Brown ATX Homemade Jerky & Artisan Market Food 263-264
Judge Edwards Food F3, F4, F19
Lindsay Field Lindsay Designs Glass 26
Jackson Ocheltree Glass 139
Itala Steinwald Glass 71
Kathy Mursch Toe Ring Queen Jewelry 215
Zee Nguyen KiyoJoy Jewelry 207
Peter Witt Austin Fine Jewelry Jewelry 183-184
Lesa Gary Wrapped to Wear Jewelry 210
Stacy Hoover TimeWillTell Jewelry 275
Mercy Raines Mercy’s Beads Jewelry 175
Ernestine Lammers Jewelry 204
Dane Short Jewelry 172
Megan Shatz Mana Culture Jewelry 167-168
Laura Gillan mercer & jayne Jewelry 262
Celestino Bustos Jewelry 99
Robert Mendoza Mendoza’s Bellas Artes Jewelry 70
Lacy Weyler Dalton Designs Jewelry 109
Terri McAshan Terri’s Glass Creations Jewelry 49
Liron Sharaby Coco Loco Jewelry Jewelry 197
Astrid Mardon-Prevost ALEXILLE Jewelry 54
Stacey Foster Jewelry 59
Sarochin Tollette Jewelry 12
Jaqueline Calderon Jewelry 280
Tandie van den Berg Opal Gypsy Jewelry 147
Shay McCulloch Moonlit Ritual Jewelry 37
Miguel Viniegra Jewelry 140
Orvilla McDaniel Jewelry 236
House of Kerri Jewelry 92-93
Jennie Bennett J. Bennett Gems Jewelry 2
Alnicee Bickerton Wire Art Jewelry Jewelry 84
Elizabeth Crandall Jewelry 194
Kyle Gross Stones Throw Studio Jewelry 133
Shawn Corder Getbentmetalworks Metalwork 157
Peter Lindemann Metalwork 96
Anthony Martinez Usa Plate Art Metalwork 41
Karla King Metalwork 10
JoBelle Smith J & N Rolling Store Mixed Media 158
Dania Olivares Doko Casual Art Mixed Media 79
Jo Braxton Trimble The Lofty Dragonfly Mixed Media 100
David Cisneros INCA WASI Arts and Crafts Mixed Media 203
Melinda Smith Tiles Across Texas Mixed Media 74
Holly Glenn Mixed Media 60
Brett Chamberlain Mixed Media 88
Michelle Kim Mixed Media 112-113
Jennifer and Joseph Worth South Austin Gallery Mixed Media 18-19
Thelma Lugo Mixed Media 5
Jay Long Jay Long Studio Mixed Media 103
Kathy Scofield Essence of Padre Island Art Mixed Media 124
Daniel Schafer Schafer Co Mixed Media 72
Jeffrey St Romain Mixed Media 44
Carla Arimes cane run road/izzy love embellishments Mixed Media 176
Libby Napier LuxCups Creative Mixed Media 91
Deborah Oliveira Marblies Mixed Media 205-206
Yeongsin Song sarusdesignart Inc. Mixed Media 117
Christopher Smith Smith Map Studio Mixed Media 101
Jenny Reacer Carvel Vintage Mixed Media 63
Juan/Daniel Barreneche/Schemel D3F CO LLC Mixed Media 29&58
Victoria Coronado Tori Jane Mixed Media 110
Michael Daniel The Coggler’s Shoppe Mixed Media 52
Don Friesen Mixed Media 85
Diana Prickett dp-art Mixed Media 98
Mark Puente Nailivic Studios Mixed Media 153
Carlos Castaneda Sick Strings Mixed Media 123
Kent White Illuminated Objects Mixed Media 129
Andrew Soderlind Humble Goods Mixed Media 102
Sivan Summitt Sprayed Expressions Mixed Media 165
Stacey Ford Stastny Mixed Media 131
Andrea Holmes A. Holmes Art Studio Mixed Media 132
Erin Welden Painting 68
Aaron Coleman Akolemn Painting 37A-37B
Jeff Sheely Painting 108
Joshua Kight Painting 104
william olivas The Olivas Collection Painting 6-7
Vincent Fink Painting 90
Katheryn Krouse Painting 14-15
boubakary konseimbo boub’art Painting 106
Karen Granfeldt Grayson Studio Painting 45
L. Nicholas Smith Painting 13
Karren Sager Bobnnova Art Painting 53
Joe Garcia Joe Garcia History Written In Art Painting 105
Rachel Brown Painting 65
Jenny Gillespie Paintings by Jenny Painting 55
Amado Pena Jr Pena Studios Inc Painting 43 & 50
Giovanna DiZurita DiZurita Gallery Painting 46
Alejandra Salazar AejandraMtzH Arte Painting 82, 83, 89
gavin inverso Illuminidol LLC Photography / Digital Art 67
Angelika Ejtel Photography / Digital Art 28
Faith Sams Wilderness Wood Prints Photography / Digital Art 20
Jimmy Ellis JimmyEllisArt Photography / Digital Art 51
Claire Vendetti Billie Claire Handmade Photography / Digital Art 156
Hara Cootes Hara Beth Photography Photography / Digital Art 16
Daniela De Jongh Print Making 271
Jerry Locke Mountain Sculpture Studios Sculpture 47-48
Mark Mallia Woodarts Woodwork 95
Liam Comiskey ArkWood Woodwork 164
Butch Miller Austin Adirondack Furniture Woodwork 213-214
Carol Casey Vunkology Woodwork 148-149
Monica Orand MC Shave Gear Woodwork 9
Terry Snow Chaos Woods Woodwork 21
Troy Kaczmarczyk Heartmade Woodworking Woodwork 279
** Booth numbers are subject to change – final booth numbers will be included in vendor packet email 1 week prior to event.

Fall 2018 Application


What are Pecan Street Festival dates and hours?

The 2018 Pecan Street Festival will be held on May 5th and 6th and September 22nd and 23rd on 6th St. between Brazos and IH35.

Is there an entry fee for attendees?

NO! We are completely free and open to the public.

Do we need a tent?

YES! We provide the booth space only. Vendors must provide everything else. Please note: Due to Fire Marshal regulations, ALL VENDOR TENTS MUST BE NFPA701 certified. Tents without this specific certification will not be allowed to participate within the show. You can purchase an NFPA701 certified canopy online here: Buy Tents Here

Is power available to vendors?

Unfortunately, we do not offer power to our artisan vendors. We DO, however, provide power to our food concession vendors – this is included within food concession booth price.

Is there vendor parking downtown?

We do not have designated vendor parking. There are ample parking lots and parking garages within walking distance of the Fest. For vendors, especially those with large vehicles / trailers, we suggest parking in the big surface lot at the intersection of Trinity & 7th Street. You can find more info on downtown Austin parking here: Downtown Parking Info

How do we jury vendors?

There are numerous elements considered when making a jury. These include: quality of product, when vendor applied, if they have participated with us in the past, what medium they are under, what type of booth space they are applying for, booth presentation, and vendor experience.

Do we accept vendors whom have never vended at an event ever?!

Yes. BUUUUUUUT, you really need to prove to us that you are capable. Being an original artist is a start. Having an amazing setup is another huge advantage. Pecan Fest is a big first time event. We suggest that vendors get a few test events under their belt before giving Pecan a shot.

What is load in procedure like?

Load in starts @ 6AM on the Saturday morning of Festival. Accepted vendors will have direct access to their respective booth space on Saturday morning to load in. On Sunday, vendors must manually load into their booths. Load out will be on Sunday night after foot traffic is clear to allow vehicles back onto 6th Street.

How long will it take for my application to be juried?

Please allow for up to 2 weeks for application to be juried. Once a jury is made, vendors monies will either be confirmed or fully refunded. If you not juried within 2 weeks, it may be that you are on the waiting list and we are trying to find you a space. If you need an answer before the 2 weeks or if you have a question regarding app status, please shoot us a line via the question platform on your app.

What is the money process?

We take payment up front in full for all apps. This is to ensure the successful capture of vendor monies. Jury takes up to 2 weeks to complete given our high volume of registrations and other factors. If a vendor app is rejected, the vendor will receive a full refund.

What sort of vendor booth spaces do we offer?

We offer (9) different types of booth configurations: Regular Booth / Corner Booth / 2 – Side Regular / Regular Double / Double Corner / 2 – Side Double / Double Three Sided Corner / Three – Side Corner / End Cap

When should I apply as a vendor?

ASAP. The sooner you submit an application, the better your chances are of getting a space within the floor.

What is the cost of a vendor booth space?

Vendor booth space starts @ $590 for a regular 10X10ft. booth for the weekend and goes up from there. This price includes vendor booth space for the entire weekend. We offer booth space only. Vendors are responsible for tenting and all additional elements within tent space.