My Twilight Pilot

My Twilight Pilot


Sunday, September 27th 2:10pm-3:00pm

Red River Stage

Faring from the superheated Texas gulf coast, *MYTWILIGHTPILOT* completes a long legacy of Texas psych-rock outfits: Beginning with the legendary 13th Floor Elevators, Fever Tree, The Moving Sidewalks, and Tea For Two Set Silver Amber Necklace Wholesale Yixing Tea Set Mummy Sleeping Bag Red Krayola — and leading up to the present with Dallas’s Bedhead, Mesquite’s Comet, and Austin’s Sixteen Deluxe, …Trail of Dead, and Explosions in the Sky. With an extended musical resumé that includes five members of numerous former indie outfits, *MTP* forms a democratic stronghold against the media’s regenerative “talking head” machines and radio’s current preoccupation with image over content, style over substance, spectacle over depth. Wrestling intricate melodies from silence, they create extraordinarily literate music that shines brightly with an intensity before it explodes into spiral shards.

All session by My Twilight Pilot

Sunday – Red River Stage

12:00 - 08:00
Red River & 6th