Heritage Award


The Pecan Street Association (“PSA”) is a not-for-profit 501(C)(4) board comprised of volunteer business owners, professionals, artists and concerned citizens dedicated to advancing and preserving the integrity of the important, historic and unique area known as the Sixth Street Historic District. In order to meet these goals, proceeds from the activities of PSA, mainly the Pecan Street Festival, include beautification, education and other promotional activities. In addition, PSA supports the community through financial contributions to charities serving the Austin region.

PSA’s Heritage Award honors a distinguished individual whose work demonstrates a commitment to excellence in historic and artistic preservation, particularly focused on the Sixth Street Historic District. In doing so, we hope to inspire others to take action to preserve, protect, and promote Austin’s historic resources. All winners are honored during an annual Awards Ceremony before or during the fall Pecan Street Festival.  In addition, recognition includes a monetary award to be made to the recipient’s designated charity.

2014 was the first year PSA gave the award, and it went to Ms. Emma Lou Linn.

2015’s Heritage Award was given to Mr. Wayne Bell, FAIA.

2016’s Heritage Award went to, in memorium, Mr. Boyd Vance.

2017’s Heritage Award winners are Ms. Cynthia Pérez, Ms. Lidia Pérez and Ms. Sylvia Orozco.