2017 Fall Pecan Street Festival
September 23rd (11AM - 10PM) & September 24th (11AM - 8PM)

Who we are

The Pecan Street Festival is one of the largest, and longest-running, arts/crafts and music festivals in the nation presented by The Pecan Street Association, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. The festival has been produced by Special Events Live since 2006.

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What we do

The Pecan Street Association supports the Austin community by presenting Pecan Street Festival, the association donates its proceeds towards the preservation of historic 6th Street located in Downtown Austin, Texas. 

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Why us?

When Edwin Waller designed Austin’s street grid, he named north-south streets after Texas rivers and recommended numeric designations for east-west streets. Instead, they were named after trees. That decision was later reversed, and they were renamed with numbers. Though Pecan Street became Sixth Street, the festival honors its original name.

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Thanks to the tremendous support of our partners, the money raised during our event goes directly to support the Pecan Street Association's dutiful efforts to keep the 6th Street district a historical landmark for years to come.

Festival News

City Proclamation for Boyd Vance, PSA’s 2015 Heritage Award Winner

The City of Austin will present a proclamation this Thursday, June 22, 5pm, at City Hall/Council Chambers, pre-declaring “Boyd Vance Day” on July 9 (his birthday). UPDATE: Here’s the video – click on “Proclamation 1.” Boyd Vance was the Pecan Street Association’s posthumous Heritage Award winner last year, as an artist/producer/organizer, preserving and promoting the arts in Austin. Councilmember Ora Houston was gracious enough to sponsor a similar honor this year, while Council is tackling the long-overdue issue of systematic racism in our City – something Boyd would have been at the forefront of as he fought to preserve African-American culture while Austin’s African-American population...
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Let’s Become More AMAZING Together!

The Pecan Street Festival needs YOUR voice!   We are constantly striving to improve our Festival. It’s the little things that matter, and we are here to create an experience where even those little things are being given proper attention and commitment. Let’s become more amazing together. Please fill out our survey today!

Meet BULB – Our Lead Electrician: 35 Years & 69 Festivals!

Our electrician, Bob Cannon, better known as – and usually ONLY  known as – “Bulb,” has been with the Pecan Street Festival longer than anyone, except for Shannon Sedwick and Michael Shelton. He is, in and of himself, an Austin institution. He has been behind the scenes of so many things that have made this city the city that it is, but with little recognition. John T. Wright, Pecan Street Association board member, noted that in his past work as a promoter, he would schedule weekly coffee sit-downs with his maintenance/electrician leads; that “they became good friends and mentors, and their foundational...
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